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CARGO Insurance:

For the protection of our Customers' freight, we offer our Customers a Cargo insurance for goods carried by sea, land and air. Properly taken out cargo insurance protects the interests of the owner of cargo against any event as a result of which the cargo may be damaged or lost. It ensures protection of cargo from the moment it leaves the place of origin to the time of delivery to the destination, including during loading, unloading and storage.


Cargo insurance protects the owner of the cargo in those situations in which, under the law, the carrier or freight forwarder is not liable for damage to the cargo or the compensation is limited to amount/weight resulting from the different rules or conventions. In sea transport, cargo insurance included in the international Institute Cargo Clauses (ICC)* in addition to compensation for the damaged cargo provides also coverage against the costs of participation in the so-called general average and salvage costs.



* (Institute Cargo Clauses) - English insurance conditions of over two hundred years’ insurance tradition, generally accepted in international cargo insurance. The scope of cover depends on a set of clauses used. Institute Cargo Clauses are universal because they can be applied to most types of loads and different modes of transport. Originally they were designed to support maritime transport insurance - so for rail and road transport shall the content clauses without the provisions that not applicable to the carriage by these means of transport is used. The widest possible range of insurance cover, based on the principle of "all risks" is offered by the Institutes Cargo Clauses (A) 1/1/82 (Institute Cargo Clauses (A) 1/1/82). Sets of clauses marked B and C offer limited insurance coverage for these types of risks. In January 2009 Institute Cargo Clauses (A), (B) and (C) 01/01/09, Institute War Clauses (Cargo) 1.1.09 and Institute Strike Clauses (Cargo) 1.1.09 were published. The amendments compared to the previous set of clauses, include modernising the language to clarify the generally controversial provisions, and more explicitly provide protection to the insured not having influence on the selection of the ship or changing route, for example


Cargo insurance contract also determines a percentage or a specific amount of the damage incurred by the insured (integral franchise, i.e. the amount to which the insurer is not liable if the damage does not exceed the value of the damage). This amount is 300.00 USD.

On accepting the forwarding order, at your request**, we provide you with notification of the goods to be insured, running or assistance in the conduct of liquidation of damages proceedings on behalf of the Customer.

** In accordance with § 10, section 10.1. PGFR 2010 Freight Forwarder insures the cargo only if a clear order in writing is received from the Customer. Putting the value of the goods in the order does not constitute the order for the forwarder to arrange cargo insurance.



  • Forwarder’s Public Liability Insurance
  • Road Carrier’s Professional Liability Insurance,
  • All carriers we employ have Carriers Public Liability Insurance.

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