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Restrictions in road transport:

Cooperation with professional road hauliers and rail lets us adapt to individual needs of our customers. In the field of land transpor, we offer:


  • organisation of transport of full container loads (FCL) and full truck loads (FTL) – by road and intermodal transport,
  • oganization of general cargo transport (LCL, LTL)
  • organization of transport of IMO dangerous goods,
  • organization of transport of goods in transit (T1),
  • organisation of rail transport.

Restrictions in road transport:


As a result of tighter controls of the Road Transport Inspection /RTI/ inspectors who set about rigorous enforcement of traffic regulations, especially axle load of vehicles carrying goods, we emphasise the need to respect the weight limits. Non-compliance with applicable regulations mentioned above results in high fines as well as severe administrative sanctions imposed on carriers, shippers and forwarders.


PIn the light of the applicable regulations and the technical characteristics of commonly used automotive fleet, maximum authorised mass of a combination of vehicles is 40t (permitted axle load is 8 tons, 10 tons and 11.5 tons, depending on the category of the road). The exception is the three-axle tractor and three-axle semi-trailer carrying 40' ISO container in combined transport – 44 tons..


So in practice containers loaded uniformly with homogeneous commodity should not exceed load weight as follows:

  • 20 - 19,00 ton
  • 40 - 20,50 ton

Weight limits for truck transport by road in Poland - up to 24 tons of product gross.


Failure to comply with applicable regulations results in additional costs of having to purchase the appropriate permits or unloading cargo from containers. These costs are covered by the Customer. To avoid these additional costs, we suggest you take into account the weight limits in force already at the time of preparation of commercial contracts for export/import of goods to and from Poland.

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